I have suffered with arthritis for many years. 4 years ago it was at its worst with very painful and stiff joints. My future was not looking good. I have been under the hospital for several years taking more and more pain killers and anti-inflammatories.
    I love all sports and sailing was my passion. Trying to get on and off the boat became impossible and one day after struggling up to the clubhouse my husband decided the boat must go before it killed me. I was very depressed, sailing was my life.
    A friend told me of acupuncture and I went to Stephen Lee on her recommendation. I’m so glad I did. He has been my saviour. I had treatment once a week at the beginning. After 3 to 4 treatments I was feeling so much better. The pain disappeared and I had more flexibility. To my great delight I am still sailing and not taking any drugs. I now go for acupuncture every 3 months for a boost. Acupuncture works for me.
P.Y., Northampton

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1987 and suffered for 5 years before a friend recommended Stephen Lee. During that period I was prescribed several different drugs including hydroxychloroquine, Flexin continus, Prednisone plus strong pain killers to counteract acute muscular pain in my arms due to problems with my neck joints. I slept in a collar and wrist braces every night to ease pain and swelling. When a joint would not straighten or bend, steroid injections were required to ‘un-stick’ the appropriate joint. I was advised that I would eventually require a wheelchair!
   Acupuncture restored my mobility. I have not required drugs, painkillers or braces of any kind for 15 years and maintain general good health with ‘top up’ treatments from Stephen 2-3 times a year. To consider how my life could have been without acupuncture is too terrible to contemplate.
P.C., Northampton

 I didn''t believe in acupuncture, so I didn''t have it when my problem began. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in October 2005 eight months after having my second child.  I was 37 years old.  My knee kept swelling up like a balloon and it took six months of draining fluid from it and having scans and appointments, before I saw a specialist who diagnosed it within 5 minutes. It was hell - I could not walk up the stairs.  Although my scalp was itchy, I was not hugely troubled by the psoriatic part of the problem.
     My specialist prescribed Sulfasalazine 1000mg a day initially and then a few months after that added 15mg of Methotrexate a week.  I had to take folic acid 5mg a week and was told that I had to be sure that my family was complete, as Methotrexate was not suitable for anyone wanting another baby.  I was advised that any further pregnancies could bring on the symptoms again.
     A bit of a blow to freedom of choice and quite upsetting.  However, these drugs worked like magic on me and my specialist advised me after about 9 months that I was a rare patient because I had responded so well.  So I did not look further for any other treatment at that point, just being so glad that I had got rid of the problem and could walk.
     By December 2007, after being on the drugs for nearly two years, I was growing fed up with the way I was feeling.  I found that the drugs were not as effective as before and that they were, in fact, making me feel unwell, especially the Methotrexate: after taking my weekly tablet, I felt decidedly ill for a day or so.  I started to lower the dosage of Methotrexate on my own and stopped taking Sulfasalazine.  I took the dosage down to 10mg of Methotrexate and was having problems with symptoms in my knee again.  I ended up taking a lot of Diclofenac tablets to soften the constant discomfort.
     My mother and father urged me to have acupuncture.  In the end, I chose to go to Stephen just because they pressured me.  I did not believe it would work.
     I began acupuncture around February 2008 and initially saw Stephen every week.  During that time I continued to reduce my dosage of Methotrexate and by the end of April 2008 I had stopped taking it.  This was a huge step and one which I did not take lightly with two children under five to look after and the possibility of my knee stopping me from walking again.  
      We are now in March 2009 and treatments are six weeks apart and I am taking herbs at intervals.   The problem has gone.  Every time I have had acupuncture, any niggles disappear within two days.  Stephen has sent it into remission, exactly as he said he would.
     Don''t ask me how it works - I really don''t need to know.  I still can''t quite believe it.  I have a very healthy life with no real problems and this is the first time I have had to cope with something that affects every day and every movement.  Stephen''s treatments have not only dealt with the problem, but I have found that they make me feel relaxed and happier and this is very important, as stress levels affect psoriatic arthritis.
     If you are in this unhappy position, and are thinking about it, just ring Stephen and go.  You will know very soon whether it is working and then you won''t look back.
     Stephen tells me that the aim is to just have herbs now and then and go down to two acupuncture treatments a year.   I now feel exactly the same as I felt before it all started - totally normal.
E  Gill, Northampton

 I visited Stephen Lee after being diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and suffering from sciatica caused by this. I noticed an improvement after the first treatment, and my symptoms – back and neck pain, leg and arm neuralgia, reduced mobility, and insomnia (due to pain) – decreased with each subsequent treatment, enabling me, after 5/6 sessions, to stop taking the strong pain killers I had been prescribed by my GP and get on with my life.
Catherine Pickard, Northampton

I''ve suffered form debilitating back pain in my lower back ever since I was involved in a car accident back in the 1990''s. I duly went to the doctor''s but they were never much use. I lost count of the number of times that I was prescribed ineffective painkillers, or told to lie on the floor or referred to physiotherapists who didn''t seem to achieve much either. After a few years of suffering, it was suggested to me that I consult Stephen Lee, the father of one of my daughter''s friends. I took some persuading; after all it''s a load of nonsense isn''t it? In the end I went, for quiet life at home, and was expecting to come out with my back much improved by my carrying a lighter wallet but precious little else as a benefit.
   I have to admit though that I was wrong. Stephen''s course of acupuncture sorted the problem straight away and I now go back two or three times a year for a top up. I''ve long lost count of the number of times that I''ve staggered in bent double and in pain, only to emerge upright and sprightly and pain free 30 minutes later.  All I need to do now is listen to Stephen''s advice and sit properly and then maybe I would not have to go back but truth is, I''d miss the banter and chats we have! I went as a sceptic but have been converted. It works. Try it.
Michael Wright, Northampton

Back in February 2008 I was lying in hospital waiting to go into the operating theatre to have a painful bunion removed. Although on arrival my blood pressure was found to be a little high, the decision was taken to give me the first dose of local anaesthetic. Unfortunately my blood pressure just increased forcing the surgeon to postpone the operation and send me home.
   On telling a close friend she said, "Why don''t you try acupuncture?" and recommended Stephen Lee.
Much to my delight, not only did the pain of the bunion disappear following a few visits to Stephen, but also the monthly migraines that I have suffered with for years. I no longer have to use Solpadeine to relieve my migraines; nor do I need the operation.
G. H., Northampton

I had been suffering with quite severe pain in my right breast for almost a year. Despite many visits to the doctor, two consultations with a specialist and several different types of tablets I was no better.
On a friend’s recommendation I went to see Stephen Lee and after 5 sessions the pain was completely gone! An extra bonus for me is that I no longer suffer from the horrendous migraines that also used to blight my life on a regular basis. I have since recommended acupuncture to my Dad for his arthritis and he noticed a difference after a couple of sessions.
E.W., Northampton

I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for a number of years. After various treatments from my GP, I was eventually told that the only ''cure'' was to undergo surgery, and even then there was no guarantee in the long term. After three or four acupuncture sessions I found the symptom eased and I no longer had that annoying tingling in my hands and fingers every morning. I now need to go only two or three times a year, when I feel the sensation starting to return, to keep my problem in check.
Jean Barrie-Parsonson, Northampton

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1998, suffering up to 15 bowel movements a day, I spent just about all of the next 4 years on a cocktail of steroids and immune suppressant drugs, including a 2 week stay in hospital, but my condition seemed to be getting worse. Then by chance a relative of my wife suggested Chinese medicine after they had great success with a similar condition. Wow! This changed everything for me.
    After an initial consultation and my first acupuncture treatment, the biggest sceptic in Northampton was on the road to recovery. My wife claims I slept like a baby for 14 hours. Three or four sessions of acupuncture later and a month of Chinese herbal medicine from Stephen I was able to go back to work with confidence. Only recently after 7 years with no symptoms or steroids did I have a bout of colitis, so I went back for a top up of acupuncture and am OK again. I cannot thank Stephen enough
Michael Loftus, Northampton

After an intensive course of chemotherapy to treat acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) I was so debilitated I could hardly walk or function at all. In desperation I decided to try acupuncture and was recommended to Stephen Lee.  After the first session to my amazement I felt able to walk down the garden and into the field beyond totally unaided.  Regular acupuncture and prescriptions of Chinese herbs resulted in a total recovery and two monthly treatments helps to maintain my well being and good health.
D.P., Northampton

I have been a patient of Stephen Lee for many years. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have brought great relief from bowel and constipation problems, arthritic pain and sinus inflammation. I was due for a gallbladder removal in hospital but acupuncture treatment made this procedure unnecessary. I continue with regular acupuncture treatment once every 3 months, because it lifts my spirits and keeps me well. I feel healthier in my seventies than I did in my twenties and am very grateful for Stephen’s expertise.
Dorothy Clark, Lincoln

In 1996 I was diagnosed as having an extreme form of Meniere''s syndrome. I went to Stephen Lee in on recommendation of a friend and his treatment has been crucial in my recovery and continues to be essential in maintaining my health. I am greatly indebted to his outstanding expertise, experience and patience. He is a truly great healer with a very deep holistic understanding of the human condition.
Phil Stenning, Rothwell, Northampton

I’ve suffered from anal fissures for nearly 3 years now.  I’ve had numerous visits to the doctor, a referral to hospital and even an operation to try and rectify the problem.  All the conventional methods failed to heal my fissures, even the operation was a failure as the symptoms returned after just 3 months. Having had just 4-5 acupuncture sessions, you asked me to try Yunnan Baiyao, a Chinese herbal formula.  After just two applications, my symptoms completely subsided leaving me comfortable and pain free.   I just wanted to take the opportunity of thanking you.
C.H., Northampton

I have been a lifelong advocate of acupuncture and received very successful treatment in the past. I particularly appreciate the holistic approach: the different parts of the body and mind are not seen as working in total isolation from the others. Whilst it can’t cure the incurable, it certainly alleviates considerable suffering.
    When moving to this area, I was personally recommended to Mr Lee by a GP. I had a number of minor ongoing troubles ranging from palpitations, bowel disorder, headaches, allergies and sinusitis, to severe back, knee and thumb joints pain. I also felt rather depressed and had very low energy levels. Initially I made several weekly visits. This is now down to about once a month to six weeks for ‘top ups’. Generally, my health is considerably improved with far less pain and (hurrah!) much more energy.
M. N., North Bucks.

I have suffered with hay fever for about 40 years.  I started to see Stephen about 20 years ago at which point I was having a course of injections every year and several anti-histamine tablets each day; and still sneezing! I only see Stephen about 4 times a year and find the sessions very relaxing. Stephen has all but cured me completely. My ‘season’ has reduced in length to about one month rather than three and my symptoms are virtually non-existent. Any attack I do have is greatly reduced in intensity and my recovery is very much faster. I also no longer need any injections or tablets. Best of all, I no longer fear the outdoors, which, as a keen walker was a bit of a drawback!
Steve Garratt, Rushden

I was completely debilitated by hayfever during the summer months.  My eyes were so swollen I could barely see and so itchy I wanted to scratch them out of my head.  I sneezed all the time and was exhausted.  I couldn’t go outside.  Even the “non-drowsy” antihistamine tablets knock me out so I couldn’t get any relief.  I was nervous about seeing Stephen because I am afraid of needles, but I needn’t have worried because they didn’t hurt.  In fact, the sneezing stopped almost immediately! The Chinese medicine Stephen prescribed was easy to take and meant I could live a normal life during the summer.  As
soon as my hayfever starts, I go to see Stephen for acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Chris George, Northampton

I have been suffering from severe wear and tear of both hips for over 2 years I tried physiotherapy which helped in the short term but was recommended to Stephen Lee by a friend as an alternative treatment. The results over the past nine months have meant I am no longer in pain and my mobility has vastly improved and has avoided me having to undergo hip replacement surgery for the time being.
Janet Kent, Northampton


Having endured a lifetime of chronic insomnia, I am now, in my sixties, experiencing ‘proper’ sleep for the first time ever.  This is a depth of restorative sleep that is new to me.  We are now working on lengthening the amount of that wonderful sleep!   I appear to have a body that often doesn’t respond very well to conventional medicine - and acupuncture not only makes a lot of sense to me but also seems to suit my personal system.  Highly recommended!                                                                                 
Margaret, Milton Keynes

I was about to undergo IVF treatment and heard that acupuncture can increase the success of  IVF treatment. I had never had acupuncture treatment before and thought that I had nothing to lose. I have always been very hot at night when I sleep and after my first treatment felt cooler. I did fall pregnant with the IVF treatment, and I am convinced it was really the acupuncture that sorted me out! I am really glad I went to Stephen Lee.
C. J., Northampton

After suffering for many years, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I am also asthmatic, and have arthritis in my hands.  I was not having success with conventional treatments. When I read about IBS being successfully treated with acupuncture, I started attending Mr Lee''s surgery, and found that after only a couple of treatments there was an amazing improvement in my IBS, health and wellbeing.  I could now resume my hobbies of walking, yoga and dancing, all of which were not an option with my severe IBS.  My asthma also improved dramatically, and I cannot say enough about the improvement in my hands, the pain was gone with one treatment and I could manipulate my fingers and thumbs again.  Altogether I wish I had visited Mr Lee''s surgery many years ago.  Life is now for going out and living it!   
P. Brothers, Northampton

I have been to Stephen Lee on three occasions during the past few years for three separate problems, one in my arm/shoulder, one under my heel and the latest my knee.  In each instance, after 3 treatments, the pain which previous to my visits I had put up with for approximately 6 to 9 months, in the mistaken belief they would go by taking anti inflammatories, completely disappeared and I no longer had to take the anti inflammatories. I also had an increase in energy and a general feeling of well being. I was recommended to Stephen Lee by a friend - so glad I was.
Sandra Starmer, Northampton
I contacted Stephen Lee on the advice of a friend who had been helped by him to stop smoking. Quite sceptical but also frustrated by a very painful left leg which didn''t seem to respond to analgesics of any kind, over a period of 3 years; decided to give acupuncture a go. Thank heavens I did because I am now pain free and sleeping 8 - 9 hours nightly.
M. C., Northampton

Having had severe and debilitating knee pain for over 5 years and getting more and more despondent with the many conventional and non-conventional treatments I had tried, I had an acupuncture treatment from Stephen Lee. After shuffling into his treatment room and barely being able to climb onto the couch I was amazed that after my very first session I managed to power walk home. I am now back running, step training, dancing and doing my regular daily 3-5 mile walks. It has literally given me my ‘life’ back.
Roz Crampton, Northampton

Having suffered terribly from migraines over 25 years, I was desperate, with no relief with anything that the doctors gave me. The migraine could last 2 or 3 days every 2 weeks or worse. No warning. Totally bedridden. Awful. After 6 sessions of acupuncture with Mr Lee I went 3 or 4 months with no attacks. Then I kept my acupuncture to every 8 weeks. Now I have gone 6 months with no migraine. Very pleased and a lot healthier, I wish I had found out about acupuncture sooner.
Diana Morrison, Northampton

I had been suffering from migraines that could last up to three days and up to every three weeks when I first went to see Stephen. I had been given tablets by the doctor that could prevent some migraines but didn''t work consistently or fully. Painkillers and over-the-counter medication made no difference at all. When I went to Stephen he gave me a course of about 5 sessions of acupuncture over five weeks and then every month or so for a few months. He also prescribed Chinese herbs. These two together have reduced my migraines over the last three years, and, recently, I had a gap of six months with no migraines at all. I still have occasional top-ups of acupuncture and, if I am having a migraine, immediate acupuncture can help it ebb away instead of lasting for several days. This has made a big impact on my life!
Jean Edwards, Northampton

I suffered from morning sickness (all day) from week 5 and was unable to lead a normal life.  Having felt unwell for 3 weeks, I decided to try acupuncture to obtain some relief.  After my first session I felt so much better.  My nausea decreased considerably: so-much-so,  I was able to eat proper meals and carry on my usual day-to-day activities.  I continued to have weekly sessions up until week 16 when my sickness naturally subsided.  I would have been unable to enjoy my first trimester had I not received acupuncture.
Rachael Woollcott, Northampton

Just over a year after suffering multiple fractures in a head-on car smash I woke up one day saturated in sweat, this lasted 10 days and I lost 8lbs. My GP diagnosed stress induced dreams.  The sweats continued almost nightly for 10 long months! My sporting life was curtailed by the crash and now I could not even get out of bed. I had to wash and change the bedding daily as I was soaking wet each morning and never properly rested by sleep.
I had to give up work after a few weeks. My GP sent me to various hospital departments but none found a solution except stating it was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I was prescribed pills but the sweats got worse and my general health and energy levels was almost nil I became socially isolated.
Then the GP asked if I would consider acupuncture. My reply was similar to I’d believe in witchcraft, howling at the moon, being beaten with twigs,  anything if it would give me back some sort of life!! So he recommended Stephen Lee acupuncturist, as a previous sufferer of PTSD from as car crash had been cured by him. I was very opened-minded but within a month the sweats had stopped and I felt greatly improved - I just wish I’d gone there earlier rather than suffer for so long!
I still go after a year for top-ups and herbal remedies - as, due to the crash, I still suffer with some pains in muscles, and joints and naturally arthritis, migraines, plus some general fatigue.
I still need more major surgical operations on my feet but I’ll be continuing with top-ups as I face a life-long battle – I can now take trips on holidays and have restarted a social life.
A.P., Northampton

  I was confirmed as suffering from peripheral neuropathy by the Northampton General Hospital some three years ago. In my case, the symptoms were an acute and permanent burning sensation in both feet, coupled with frequent and uncontrollable leg movements towards the end of each day. The cause of this problem was a prolonged period of heavy drinking coupled with a very poor diet. Despite changing my habits, I was told that this problem with the nervous system was irreversible and, in fact, was likely to also affect my fingers, given time. For pain relief, I was prescribed an anti-depressant, which only served to provide very
temporary and mild relief.
  For over two years I had suffered this, at times, agonising pain and, despite my otherwise well being, found it difficult to maintain our garden or stand for any period longer than 15 minutes. My lifestyle had deteriorated as a result. I recalled having experienced acupuncture many years ago, on two previous
occasions, for different and totally unrelated ailments and the treatment certainly worked for me.
    With this in mind, and having been recommended to Stephen Lee by a friend, I decided to arrange for a consultation. I was initially extremely impressed by the understanding of my problem and level of detail grasped in our first meeting.  Treatment began at once and, following an immediate but gradual improvement, my condition rapidly took a turn for the better. Previously, I would have found the pain too intense to climb stairs in bare feet – now I am able achieve this knowing that any residual pain is purely minimal. Furthermore, I have recently helped to extend the patio in our garden, which involved shifting
rubble and barrowing heavy materials.
    After six initial weekly visits, it has now been possible to reduce the frequency of treatment to once every three weeks. I honestly believe that eventually I will be able to visit Stephen just twice a year and, in fact,
will do so as a preventative measure, even if is deemed unnecessary.
   In summary, I would unreservedly recommend Stephen as an experienced, professional and sympathetic
practitioner and I feel honoured to write this testimonial on his behalf.
Brian Holmes, Greens Norton

I have suffered with psoriasis (Common Vulgaris and Guttate types) for 15 years following a severe strep throat infection, which triggered off my skin complaint.
My symptoms included red, flaky lesions predominately on my torso and scalp, which often bled, were extremely itchy and caused embarrassment when my skin was exposed.
Since being diagnosed with psoriasis I have used a vast amount of lotions, ointments, shampoos, coal-tar baths, dietary changes, and even underwent a course of ultra violet treatment at the hospital.
I went to Stephen Lee in desperation for help with my condition. Having never been treated with Chinese medicine before I was amazed at the improvements of my skin condition within just a couple of months.
 I was treated with Chinese herbal medicine and a course of acupuncture, which was fantastic at helping me relax and unwind. I no longer need to use prescription drugs from the GP, and feel more confident now the lesions on my skin and scalp have cleared up.
Emily Price, Northampton

I went to see Stephen suffering with a slipped disc and sciatica. I had been receiving physiotherapy but did not feel that I was recovering very quickly. With each acupuncture treatment my symptoms eased until I was pain free most of the time, and I was able to stop taking pain-killers. Additionally, I had been having very irregular periods since stopping the contraceptive pill 12 months previously, and I had suffered an ectopic pregnancy. Within 2 months of starting treatment my periods had regulated, and I quickly fell pregnant with a successful uterine pregnancy. I was impressed at the effect that acupuncture had on my general wellbeing.
Donna Newman, Northampton
I first started experiencing back problems as young as sixteen. On diagnosis I was told I had sciatica and prolapsed discs, I went to several physios, osteopaths and also chiropractors and had spent a small fortune on these treatments.
   Ten years on I was still in considerable pain; by chance heard of Stephen Lee and felt I had nothing to lose by going to see him. After six acupuncture sessions my back pain had completely disappeared!
I am now training for The London Marathon. During training I managed to get shin splints. Most people recommend you do not run for at least six weeks which could have put my training and marathon run into jeopardy. On the off chance I gave Stephen a call and after one acupuncture session my shins my splints disappeared.
Sarah Yeo, Northampton

After some fairly extensive dental work I suffered 3 months of pain. Painkillers and antibiotics only brought temporary relief. The first acupuncture treatment by Stephen Lee brought immediate and noticeable reduction of the pain and after a few more sessions it had all completely disappeared and never returned.
A.R., Northampton

Chronic lower back pain is probably one of the prices we pay for being bipeds. With a      precarious vertical structure (27 bones piled on top of one another interleaved with soft           cartilaginous discs) connecting the rather heavy    upper body to a two legged base we are asking for  trouble. The vertebral column is under tremendous stress throughout the day; so much so that the spine can shrink by 2cm over a twelve hour period as the discs become slowly compressed by the weight of the body. It is natural and inevitable for some disc       narrowing to occur during the day, but if this         narrowing becomes excessive we begin to experience nerve entrapment and pain; this can manifest as pain in our backs and pain running down our arms and/or legs.

Narrowing of the vertebral discs can also occur as a result of chronic contraction of the vertebral muscles, injury to the back or degeneration from ageing. Being overweight and hard physical work can both          exacerbate back pain. 

Poor posture can lead to excessive tension and    muscle contraction, particularly in the lumbar area. In addition, sitting in a sedentary position for long     periods can cause the muscles to be in an unrelenting state of tension that can then affect the lumbar discs. Sitting can also cause contraction and shortening of the psoas muscles, stressing the lumbar spine when in a standing position. Unsurprisingly disc problems     usually occur in the lower back which is the part   under most stress being positioned at the base of the spine.

From a TCM perspective underlying Kidney deficiency can directly cause back pain. Spleen deficiency can lead to the accumulation of fluid in the lower back causing stiffness or general muscular weakness with the inability to lift the head. Liver stagnation can lead to the back muscles being overly tight. Lung           deficiency may cause kyphosis that could lead to  extra strain on the lumbar region. Other reasons for back pain include external invasion of cold, damp or heat. However the vast majority of back pain, in my experience, is muscular in origin and is best treated in a musculoskeletal way.




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